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Offered as part of the SANTA FE WORKSHOPS

Co-instructors: Ri Anderson and Holly Wilmeth

September 29 - October 4, 2021


Copyright Ri Anderson


Copyright Holly Wilmeth

Submerging yourself in a foreign culture provides a rare chance to look inward in new and surprising ways. Holly and Ri take participants on a personal journey of observing, gathering, and combining imagery that we collect in San Miguel de Allende. In this place of color, tradition, mystery, and beauty, we make photographs and use Adobe Photoshop to create collages that symbolize deeply personal paths specific to our lives.

We lay a creative foundation by exploring off-the-beaten-track landscapes and photographing objects and live models, spending time in botanical gardens as well as the small rural community Atotonilco, part of a World Heritage Site just minutes outside of San Miguel. We then devote ourselves to blending, collaging, and overlaying the various images we accumulated at the beginning of the workshop.

Every day, Holly and Ri lead discussions on ideas for work and evaluate participants’ images, both individually and as a group. The fluid structure of our time together allows us ample opportunities to experiment and process ideas, and you are invited (but not required) to bring meaningful objects and photographs to assimilate into your pieces. As we delve deeply into the realm of intuition, we create new images that represent our unique interior journeys.


Class is for all photographers of all levels.


Camera - can be digital SLR, digital point and shoot, phone or iPod

Laptop computer with Photoshop installed

External thumb drive or hard drive for storing digital files


Working knowledge of digital workflow and manual mode on your digital SLR or mirrorless camera. Participants must be able to download, select, and transfer images to their own jump drive for class each day. Participants need to have Adobe Photoshop on their laptop and they need some prior experience with Photoshop.

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