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Contemporary Art Fair, San Miguel de Allende, works from series Sueño liminal (Betwixt)

French Doors Art Dinner

with Ri Anderson, Ricardo Ortiz and the Suarez Brothers, piano by Papacho Sirdey-Desgagnés, food by Chef Max del Sol

Borriol Bistro

Porton 17, Arcos de San Miguel,  San Miguel de Allende

Thursday April 25  6 pm

Tickets available through French Doors

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What the art professionals say:

LensCulture art review

Art Photography Review 2022

[Anderson's] work is mysterious, topical, and both current and timeless....The images are personal yet are also heavily grounded in the challenging realities of the pandemic era. This, of course, lends a gripping topicality to [the] work.

margaret failoni art review

Margaret Failoni
Curator, Galería Intersección, SMA

A gifted photographer and art-photo technician, the transplanted American artist...has put together a mesmerizing series of photographs....There is no doubt that this very gifted artist can enchant the viewer with her unique use of the photography medium.


Victoire Sidhoum
Founder, French Doors SMArt

{Anderson's} take on the body and motherhood is one of the most intelligent, sensitive yet strong body of work I have had the chance to encounter. It is peak feminism to embrace what we are made of, turn it into art and be unapologetic about the reality of female hood.

Draženka Jalšić Ernečić
Senior Curator, Koprivnica Museum, Croatia

Drazenka Jalsic Ernecic art review

{Anderson's} personalized photographs achieve powerful but intimate and personal visual message. With the effect of painting, she accomplishes the magic that makes up the art of photography.

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-11 at 6.17.12 PM.jpeg

Jennifer Moran
Reporter, Director of Photography in Broadcast Television

Long-time SMA resident Ri Anderson's one-woman art photography show just opened to great acclaim in Mexico city where her large multi-layered, black-and-white photographs evoke haunting, uniquely feminine and barely-remembered dream states.

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12 astrological signs synthesize exotic and diverse elements of the Mexican culture. The digitally embroidered  forms capture the magic of Mexico in this playful and timeless new series.

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astrology art print
art prints, photography fine art prints, signed by artist Ri Anderson

Ri Anderson: "Betwixt"

A gifted photographer and art-photo technician, the transplanted American artist Ri Anderson has put together a mesmerizing series of photographs as a surreal diary of a transitory moment in her life. As she herself states, she began this series of photographs at a time in which two conflated events transpired: leaving a house where she raised her children and her trajectory towards an empty nest as her children move into and through their teenage years. She uses birds to symbolize the yearning for freedom and the nest which for her represents the fragility and temporariness of home. Her skills in using the new photo techniques now available are deftly used to create what appears to be dream sequences. Along with metaphoric birds and floating nests, images of her daughters float in and out of the different picture planes. The use of overlapped shadows blending the different images into one, underline the mystery of a beautifully "betwixt" moment in her life. Ri often uses images of her daughters in her photography, but equally fascinating are works in which she creates art by dissecting and photo collaging different images to create repetitive patterns. There is no doubt that this very gifted artist can enchant the viewer with her unique use of the photography medium.

-Margaret Failoni

Ri Anderson: "Hechizada"

Una talentosa fotógrafa y técnico experta del revelado artístico, la artista americana, recién reubicada Ri Anderson, ha conjuntado una cautivante serie de fotografías en la forma de un diario surreal de un momento transitorio en su vida. Como ella misma asegura, esta serie de fotografías la comenzó en un momento en el que dos eventos paralelos acontecieron: dejar el hogar en el que crió a sus hijas y su caminar hacia el nido vacío en tanto que sus hijas pasaban por sus años adolescentes.

Anderson hace uso de pájaros para simbolizar el deseo de libertad y el nido que, para ella, representa la fragilidad y transitoriedad del hogar.

​Sus habilidades en el uso de nuevas técnicas fotográficas actualmente disponibles, manejadas con destreza, son empleadas para crear lo que parecen ser secuencias oníricas. Junto a pájaros y nidos flotantes de naturaleza metafórica, hay también imágenes de sus hijas entrando y saliendo, como suspendidas, de los distintos planos pictóricos. El uso de sombras sobrepuestas, que mezclan las distintas imágenes en una sola, enfatiza el misterio de un hermoso momento, "entre uno y otro", de su vida. Para sus fotografías, Ri usualmente hace uso de imágenes de sus hijas, pero de igual poder fascinante son sus obras en las que crea arte a través de la disección y el collage fotográfico de distintas imágenes para producir patrones repetitivos. No hay ninguna duda de que esta talentosa artista puede cautivar al observador a través de su singular uso del medio de la fotografía.

-Traducción: José Ma. Moreno

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