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These polymorphic images are digitally embroidered from elements obtained from photographing various parts of the Mexican culture, from landscapes to Day of the Dead candy to hairstyles and makeup. Each form is synthesized from my interpretation of the astrological symbol in relation to elements of the Mexican culture, and the series is inspired by the iconic Mexican game Lotería.


Aries, the Ram, is created from photos of  the Mexican high desert landscape. Taurus, the Bull, is created from photos of a matador, his banderillas, and bullrings. Gemini, the Twins, is created from the photograph of a Mexican child with school play makeup. Cancer, the Crab, is created from spiny bark of a tree that grows throughout the country. Leo, the Lion, is created from photos of girls' elaborately braided hairstyles. Virgo, the Maiden, is created from the Virgin of Guadalupe shrouded in roses and shedding human tears. Libra, the Scales, are built from corn stalks and tortillas. Scorpio, the alacrán, is created from Day of the Dead sugar candies and flowers. Sagittarius, the Archer, is created from photos of nopales and maguey cacti. Capricorn, the Goat, is created from an alligator's head, fish scales made of rattlesnake skin, and the famous Parroquia of colonial San Miguel de Allende. Aquarius, the water bearer, is made from butterflies from my Mariposas series and photographs of the forests that house the nesting grounds of monarch butterflies in Michoacán. And Pisces, the Fish, is made up of photographs of found rattlesnake skin and rattle.

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