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Offered as part of the SANTA FE WORKSHOPS
With: Ri Anderson
September 29 - October 4, 2021


Copyright Ri Anderson

Capture the magic of San Miguel de Allende in photographs by immersing yourself into the rich culture of this UNESCO World Heritage Site during the celebration of its most important and intimate holiday -- The Feast of San Miguel Archangel. There is no better time to experience the city than this festival week in the early autumn. The energy is high, the historic processions are unforgettable, and the photographic possibilities are endless.

This five-day workshop is led by 16-year San Miguel resident and longtime photographer Ri Anderson. Her knowledge of the city and friendships with its residents provides an insider’s view of this world renown locale. Ri leads you to her favorite haunts and hidden gems at the right time of day for image making, as well as guides you through the maze of festival activities.

Meandering the streets of San Miguel — a place of color, tradition, mystery, and beauty — to create photographs from daylight to dusk to dark that capture a sense of place is one of the joys of this program. Exploring the bustling markets, colorful botanical gardens, magnificent haciendas, and the quiet landscapes just outside the city engages you with the architecture, folklore, and customs of the Sanmiguelenses (people from San Miguel).

Expanding your photographic skills and creative vision is another goal of Ri’s for your week together. Her daily presentations and demonstrations provide valuable technical information and image reviews offer creative insights. Group discussions and the processing of ideas help jump start our photographic sessions each day. Experimentation and risk taking are encouraged in our photographic pursuits.

Join Ri to bask in the color and light that defines this very special “pueblo mágico” (magic town). The goal of her workshop is to create new imagery that represents a sense of place that resonates with you personally and distills and captures uniquely beautiful San Miguel de Allende.


Amateurs, Advanced Amateurs


Working knowledge of digital workflow and manual mode on your digital SLR or mirrorless camera. Participants must be able to download, select, and transfer images to their own jump drive for class each day.


Enrollment for this San Miguel workshop is limited to 14 participants. Visit San Miguel Workshops website for details on accomodations, meals, transportatation, and more details.

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