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Art Photography Awards Competition 2022
Review of Entry "Betwixt"

Allow me to begin my writing that this is extremely satisfying work overall. The images are personal yet are also heavily grounded in the challenging realities of the pandemic era. This, of course, lends a gripping topicality to your work and therefore I think the pictures should find a welcome audience. In addition, you foreground elements of culture, particularly the tradition of magical realism in Mexican literature and visual arts. Said cultural elements instill added dimensionality to your project. My eyes continually return to [Flight/Walking through Jungle with Falling Houses/Barn Owl in Snow/Snake/Gliding with Bird in Troncones/Trapped in Egg Surrounded by Roots/Barn Owl and Robins]. These all strike a fine balance between compositional concerns for the most part with a sometimes dizzying array of objects and textures. You arrest a compelling degree of motion in images [Flight, Gliding with Bird in Troncones, and Trapped in Egg Surrounded by Roots]. [Flight] is particularly striking and serves as a very fine introduction to the series, given that the birds are depicted in front of a portal or threshold.... I’m interested in [Trapped in Egg Surrounded by Roots] because it’s really one of the few pictures in which you employ off-center subject placement.... I hope you can tell that I not only find this work quite interesting but it’s also mysterious, topical and both current and timeless.

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